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CIBS 情緒支點

How are you today?如果每天起床時都問問自己心情如何,你會有怎樣的答案?當我們談到情緒時,總會覺得情緒有好有壞。如開心、愉快這些感覺,我們往往會將之歸納為「好情緒」,相反,如悲傷、憤怒等感覺,就淪為「壞情緒」。然而,這種二分法,卻很易令我們「誤入岐途」,錯誤看待及處理情緒,情緒實際上是人之常情,是正常的心理需要,並不應該分成好壞。唯有接受及明白這個想法後,我們才能正確而即時地應對處理,並成功調整自己心情,擁有健康心態面對好事壞事而來的生活壓力。

“The Moment of Emotions”

Emotion is a part of life, a reflection of our psychological needs and hence there is no good or bad emotion. The programme hopes to bring the audience to know more about what emotion is and stay mentally healthy to cope with all sorts of stress in our daily lives.

Producer: LAU Sze-wai

Presenter: Winnie Ng, Summer

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