CWS Studios provides a variety of design solutions for children's publishing and liscensing industry.
Cws Studios creates original cartoon series for the entertainment market. These adventures star stylized characters with plenty personality, character and depth. Our original cartoon properties take audiences on a wild journey packed with fast-paced action, humor, captivating storylines, whimsical artwork and positive messages -making them ideal cartoon brands for the entire family.

"We work in a variety of styles to meet our customers needs. We can develop storylines, characters and enhance design sketches to create a professional, marketable brand." Author/Illustrator Chet Spiewak

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Cws Studios can be a great design partner for generating illustrations, cartoon artwork, script dialogue, stories, storylines, characters, children's cartoon ideas, graphic novels, storybooks and other creative cartoon ventures-
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 CGI Graphic Novels & Storybooks
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Vinny the Bug Man Graphic Novel Series

The Vinny the Bug Graphic Novel is a computer-generated series based on the adventures of a shrunken bug man. The story begins with Vinny Mazola, a bumbling nephew helping his exterminator uncle bug spray a secret government research facility. In a freak accident, Vinny shrinks down to a size of a bug and now the adventure begins! Vinny will enter a new world controlled by menacing insects and evil bug tyrants. Vinny must use humor and wit to overcome obstacles encountered during this journey. He will make new friends, frustrate enemies, humor rulers and in the end, unite all the insect kingdoms.

The Vinny the Bug Man Graphic Novel is a fun, entertaining experience that is suitable for the whole family. Children of all ages will enjoy the action packed adventure, humorous situations and a fast paced storyline. The cast of wacky cartoon characters and whimsical bug worlds captures imaginations of young and old. In a matter minutes you will find yourself rooting for Vinny Mazola, Uncle Guy and their new found bug allies as this novel grows by chapter by chapter.........

visit the official Vinny the Bug Man website

Chester Spiewak
Chet Spiewak.. 
...a one man studio
Chet is a self taught 3D artist, specializing in creating original cartoon properties, each with a unique style and captivating storyline. He manages to single handedly take on the role of a author, illustrator, concept designer, production specialist and sometimes a publisher in order to deliver his cartoon adventures to children throughout the world. His primary focus is to develop new CGI (computer generated) cartoon properties/brands for the graphic novel, storybook, picture book, educational and entertainment markets.
Coming Soon! FALL 2013---- Vinny the Bug Man Graphic Novel to the Ipad tablet--




Holiday Picture Books & Ornaments!

This CGI storybook adventure follows a colorful cast of Christmas ornaments on a quest to find their holiday tree.
Geared for the entire family---

New Book and ornaments in production! Christmas 2013-14

"New ornament characters and another original storyline"

Chet Spiewak

"I'm a hardworking, self-motivated author and illustrator who is focused on fusing entertaining story writing with the realism and depth generated by 3D graphics. The popularity of CGI in feature films and video games has created new opportunities in the children's publishing/licensing industry. Let's team up together and fill this demand."

Chet Spiewak

 Visit Ornament Tale's web page for more info... (View the book video )

An Ornaments' Tale Book APP for tablet devices and the rest of holiday ornaments


An Ornaments' Tale Book APP for tablet devices and the rest of holiday ornaments



by Ines Bouchart Choisy


Carribean adventure based on the history, people and animals of St. Bath's

Visit Monbarsgold web page for more info about series
(New book in series set for release 2010)

CWS Studios - Renedered all artwork/graphics based on Auhtor's vision, specs, design drawings and documents

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